Everything you should know about handbags for women


The hand bags and purses are the most important accessories for the women. Hand bags are functional in holding some significant items when you go out. And at the same time, they are fashion accessories helping in completing your look. There are various choices that you can consider when you are looking for that perfect handbag for a specific occasion. There are shoulder bags, sling bags, satchel, clutch and many others to choose from.

There are various fabrics out of which the handbags are made. You can find bags made out of textiles like cotton etc. However, the leather hand bags for women are luxury products over the others. These bags provide sophistication and elegance to those who carry them. Faux leather, lambskin leather, patch leather and cowhide leather are some of the types of leather used to build bags. The best choice of leather for handbags should be cowhide leather and if you want soft texture get bags made out of lamb skin. The top grain leather is the highest quality of leather that can help make best handbags for women.

Must haves bags for women

  • You must have leather hand bags for women which include satchel. Satchels are perfect for working women. Leather satchel in browns, blacks or neutral shades in right size can help carry your work stuff including laptop and look good as well.
  • Shoulder bags are common for almost everybody as it is considered an everyday bag. These are big to store a lot of stuff like mobile phone, make up items, wallet etc. If you don’t want a big shoulder bag, you can buy a hobo which is not as wide but can be formal as well as casual.
  • Sling bags are highly popular these days because of the cross-body feature. These are stylish, comfortable and functional.
  • Tote bags are great for carrying just anything and yet look professional and stylish. You can select a size that can suit your requirement.