GO tigers GO


Memphis tigers are a world famous athletic team that represents the University of Memphis. According to myths, when the state university first fielded for a football team in the fall of 1912, a nickname of the squad was not selected. Earlier references to the team tabbed them as the Blue and Grey warriors.

The official mascot of the team is a live Bengal tiger from which the Memphis Tie originated. The university is only few among others who keep a live tiger as their mascot. The men’s varsity sports include baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, rifle, soccer, tennis, track and field while the women’s sports consist of basketball, cross country, golf, rifle, soccer, softball, tennis, track and field, volleyball. The most famous among which is the Memphis tiger’s football team. The tigers play as an all-sports member in the American athletic conference. Their home ground is the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. The other influential sport they play is men’s basketball. They have participated in the American athletic conference since 2013. In 2011, they had the 29th highest winning percentage in NAAC history. Their home ground is the FedEx forum. In their annual 50 in 50 list, ESPN stats and information department ranked them 19th most successful basketball program.

The Memphis tie is basically a blue tie. It has the general form and shape. It is a hundred percent woven polyester. It is 57 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. They are licensed officially. It is advised to dry clean them only. Three light blue stripes run through first quarter of the tie and two lighter stripes run over the previous stripes which gives a visual of depth. The Memphis mascot logo is present below that. It contains the Bengal tiger jumping out while the first letter of the university, precisely the letter “M” is present below as