How are Freshwater Pearls Different from other Pearls?


When looking for jewelry pieces with pearls, there are many reasons for choosing ones with freshwater pearls. These are the most widely produced pearls and are still available in more unique colors and shapes. They are highly sought after by buyers, collectors, and jewelry designers. They are available in round, near-round, and baroque shapes and are versatile to be worn with a wide range of attire.

Freshwater Pearls – Sizes, Shapes & Colors

Freshwater pearls are widely used in making fancy designer jewelry pieces because they are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are available in the classic white color and in most of the other colors including pink, lavender, and others.

When it comes to shapes, they are available in the following options:

  • Rice shape
  • Potato shape
  • Button shape
  • Coin
  • Droplets
  • Off-round

It is very rare to find them to be perfectly rounded which can be expensive. You can find them in diameters ranging from 1 mm to 2 mm up to 15mm.

Pearl Characteristics

Most freshwater pearls are not perfectly round because of the way the mussels are cultured. Instead of using bead-nucleation, this method involves tissue-nucleation. The result is more natural because there is no bead involved.

Some of the key stats related to the pearl type are as follows:

  • To be exact, only about 2% of freshwater pearls are near-perfect round.
  • Button shape or oval form almost 60% of these pearls.
  • Baroques and semi-baroques form around 38% of the pearls.
  • The quality of these pearls has increased significantly in recent decades.

Pastel Colors

Freshwater cultured pearls are available in a wide range of pastel colors. The most popular of these include pink, white, and orange. The colors can also be cultured by manipulating the mollusk’s food and the presence of trace minerals in the environment. However, the mollusk’s genetics also plays an important role.

When choosing freshwater pearls, it is recommended to choose a reliable and reputable store like You would want genuine pearls that feature natural colors and characteristics and not something that is a result of post harvesting.