How to Care For Suits


Having a good suit is a major outlay. If you want it to last a long time, it is important that it is of good quality, as you take care of its appearance, shapes, and your wardrobe. Sometimes a suit deteriorates more when it is not worn than when we put it on a daily basis. Therefore, taking care of clothes and knowing how to store them seems to be advisable.

If you travel, better keep it in a hard suitcase. Fold it with great care with shoulder pads and protecting it between soft garments. When you reach your destination, hang it to recover its shape — the hanger as vital importance. Not all suits are the same size; not all hangers are the same. Look for a hanger that fills the shoulder pads. This does not mean that the hangers have size. But the right hanger will maintain the original shape of the jacket, just like the perfect Penguins Tie will bring out your suit’s beauty.

Your Dry Cleaner

Also important is the choice of the dry cleaner. I have seen a lot of garments damaged by the malpractice of some dyes. Some chemicals are very aggressive and deteriorate tissues. Better to have a hand iron than industrial. There is an urban legend that says steam caused by hot water helps reduce wrinkles. And it may be the opposite. The steam from the bathroom can produce pockets in the seams and flaps caused by moisture.

Final Words

Keeping a suit from season to season will attract spots which will invade the suit and would be more difficult to remove. To lengthen the life of the suit, I recommend not using it every day. Having three or four in the closet is ideal. And when you finish using it, iron it well. But without abusing it, since they will shine. Therefore, it is best to utilize a steam iron on the suit before hanging the suit, and that will remove the wrinkles formed during the day.

And finally, avoid crowding them in the closet to prevent wrinkling and allow ventilation.